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London Fashion Week presents Ray Chu SS24

This season, Ray Chu has gone for a slightly more muted colour palette than usual. His new collection 'Embracing the Ocean with Courage' takes inspiration from manta rays and the colour of the sea and sand. Comprising of 14 looks worn by a diverse range of models, they are tied together by 80s grunge makeup looks with smudged black eyes and hairstyles ranging from spikes to slicked back hair.

Designer Ray Chu pictures centre, all photos Nona Duch

Ray continues to stay committed to a positive contribution towards the environment when it comes to his fabric choices with the addition of fish scales textile recycled from the fishing industry as well as a biodegradable polyester. Through his clothes, Ray wants his clients to feel sexy, disruptive and feel free to express themselves and who they want to be, gender biases aside. Which is why all his clothes are gender non bias.

Using 3D printing technology, Ray has reproduced the skeletal structure of the manta ray which he has printed onto some of the pieces in the collection. This not only creates a striking pattern but it also is a reminder to the audience of the importance of our marine life and how we need to preserve it. This is a mission close to Ray's heart and 80% of the fabrics in this collection are from natural sources. The playful nature of his designs gives an optimistic feel of the future and a refreshingly laid back, effortless expression of fashion.

Ray Chu's SS23 collection is currently available to shop via the Ray Chu website. You can look back at this collection here. Ray Chu's SS24 collection will be available to purchase in the coming months.

All photos Nona Duch


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