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Sacred Spaces by Estudio Museo

Sacred Spaces, an exhibition curated the trio behind Estudio Museo - Camila Blanco, Sol Mark & Roxanne Chen, saw the coming together of 6 international emerging designers, at Hoxton Gallery in Shoreditch.

As a starting point, the team of curators asked the designers to choose an element that defines their brand. Each designer presented a garment in the gallery space beside the element that best represented their brand's sentiment. A mane of hair, a cluster of moss, salt, fire and flowers were amongst the organic elements selected by the designers.

Venezuelan born Esthefanía Diaz of Moss Studio explains 'Why Moss? Because is it is rootless plant that can grow almost anywhere in any environment. This concept describes the nature of my life - I have lived in many different countries, not always being able to put down roots, but I persist with a relentless power to move forward with my life and career, in spite of this.' In fact, Estephania has just earned a scholarship at NYU to study fashion business, art & sustainability which has seen her move from Buenos Aires to New York.

Esthefanía's new collection will be launching soon, follow here for updates.

Cefér, an Argentinian accessories brand was amongst the designers showing at the exhibition. Their collection of brightly coloured handmade handbags made an impact with the guests. Made of silk, velvet, leather and woven cotton, this wide range of materials gives the collection different textures and finishes to suit all styles. The handmade nature of the pieces make them unique yet wearable which is part of the ethos of the brand. Founders Delfina Soria, María Eugenia Casagrande and Eugenia Ferrero explain in an interview with Brush Mag ' We design for strong, free people who want to have fun with their clothes and don't take life too seriously. We love to see our customers wear the brand in their everyday life whether it's to go shopping or out to a party. '

Cefér bags are available to shop online with international shipping. Prices start at £105.

Fosis, a crafty brand from Buenos Aires, sees designer Belén Simonian repurpose and embellish recycled pieces with her unique approach to sustainable fashion. Fosis's creations are all one-offs and no piece is the same ensuring that Belén's customers feel fresh and innovative when they wear the brand. Fosis is available to shop here with new pieces added regularly.

left photo Vincas Čygas, right photo Toby hawkes

The full list of designers

Moss Studio





Masha Maria


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