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0% Summer Drinks • Quench your thirst and skip the hangover

The trend for 0% alcohol tipple is on the rise and more and more people are reaching for the booze free options to reduce their consumption. Alcohol manufacturers have been quick to respond to this trend by producing 0% versions of their most popular beverages. I have trialled and tested a number of these and have found that the most successful are in the beer department. However, today, we're veering away from booze altogether and suggesting some delicious alternatives in the soft drink category.

Rhubarb & Apple Cawston Press

photo Cawston Press

This deliciously tart sparkling drink strikes the perfect balance between natural taste and sweetness. Not only does it taste of real fruit, all of its sweetness is derived from the natural fruit juice itself which means - no added sugar. At just 18g of sugar per can, this is more than half the amount of a can of coke and forget the artificial sweeteners as there are none in here.

Stocked in Waitrose, Sainsburys, Asda approx £1/can


photo Luscombe Drinks

This natural soft drinks brand originating from Luscombe Farm in Devon has been around for almost 50 years. Their drinks are free from any artificial additives and the ingredients used in the recipes are sustainably sourced, some of which are even grown at the farm. In fact, last year Luscombe received formal recognition by the Royal family for their sustainable practices. Ingredients include natural Devon spring water, raw cane sugar and elderflower grown at a neighbouring estate. Drinks range from citrus, tonic waters, juices, ginger beers to crushes like the Rhubarb Crush pictured. Why not trial a taster pack of 12 bottles in an assortment of their flavours.

£21.30 for 12 270ml bottles

Whole Earth Cola

Photo Whole Earth

Whole Earth Cola is the best tasting natural Cola I have tried. It's fully organic, made with natural ingredients, the sugar content comes from grape juice which comes in at 26g of sugar per can. With a hint of lemon, it's both refreshing and tasty. In my opinion, it tastes far better than coca cola.

£3.50 / 4 cans

Sicilian Lemon & Garden Mint Pressé

I can't think of a better combination than Sicilian Lemon and Mint - it tastes like summer. This pressé a little higher in sugar that my other suggestions but it does contain natural sweeteners too. It's made with spring water, Sicilian lemon from concentrate & mint extract. It might not be artisanal lemonade but it tastes delicious and makes a great accompaniment to a summer garden party.

£2 per 750ml bottle

Shop at Tesco

M&S Lemon, Mint & Light Sparkling Water

Photo Ocado

Another refreshing pressé option, this time from M&S. It's half as sweet as the Tesco version and contains pure Sicilian lemon juice which gives it a cloudy quality like homemade lemonade.

£2.40 / bottle

Shop at Ocado

Of course if you're a big sparkling drinker, then why not invest in fizzy water maker?

Like this Arke Carbonator III

£158.99, John Lewis

Let us know how you get on with these healthier sodas and enjoy!


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