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Izzy & Chris

Risen eternal life dreamers and former members of pop band US5, Izzy Gallegos and Chris Watrin are getting ready to take over the music scene. Both singers are incredibly talented and versatile. You may be hearing their names for the first time, but this is not the first time these guys join forces.

Izzy & Chris have recently got together to form their own musical duo. With upcoming single Quit The Show set to be released soon, here is a little bit more about this formidable pair and their new beginnings.

Izzy and Chris are most known for being in the international boyband US5 formed in 2005. The band was wildly successful in Germany, selling millions of albums and topping the pop charts with one hit after another. After a creative hiatus, the musicians are eager to jump back into the action.

Although their project is still in the production stage, judging by their recent acoustic performances, Izzy and Chris have magical creative chemistry. The voices of both vocalists perfectly compliment and balance each other. Of course, as former boyband members, these guys also know how to rock the stage and give a great performance. They have always set a high standard for themselves when it comes to their craft. We simply cannot wait for the official song release Quit This Show. One thing is for sure, whether you are a long time fan or a new listener, you’ll be in for a great surprise!

Images from Izzy & Chris Facebook Page

To keep up with this dynamic duo, follow them on Instagram @izzyandchrismusic

Written by Karina Kurani


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