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Bahar Kizil | When Music Meets Fashion

By Karina Kurani, Fashion Contributor

Photos: Anna Krenkel @anna_krenkel

Bahar Kizil is one of those artists that has the ability to mesmerize her listeners and viewers the second she steps onto the stage. In 2006, Bahar became a member of a pop trio “ Monrose” after winning a casting show that was broadcasted in Germany. This beauty has set herself apart with her strong vocals and bubbly personality. Although music remains her main passion and ambition, it's not the only one. In 2017, Bahar participated in the dance competition “ Dance, Dance, Dance” once again showcasing her stage presence and outstanding ability to perform and retain complex choreography. As written in her Instagram bio she is also a social media manager and a marketing student. This girl can do it all!

We had the pleasure of reviewing Bahar’s style in our fashion column in May. Today, the singing siren gives us an exclusive insight into her personal style in her usual fun, lighthearted way. First, we warmed up with a few quick-fire questions about Bahar's fashion go-to's.

Photo: Hussein Hayek @grain.030


quickfire Questions

1. Denim or Leather ?


2. Colours or Pastels ?


3. Flats or Heels ?

Love both but flats on the daily

4. Stripes or Polka Dots ?


5. Dresses or Skirts ?


Photo: Chris Haimerl @bychrishaimerl


Q. Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Styles evolve so quickly now. Sometimes you can't really keep up. However, some things never go out of fashion or are simply easy to combine. For example, a minimalist black oversize blazer is a must have. You can never go wrong with Nike Airforce shoes - you can combine them with anything. A good pair of jeans and white blouses are always in trend. Mostly, I draw inspiration from Instagram / fashion magazines or like online at ASOS.

Q. What styles are you really drawn to this season?

I love the balloon-like sleeves. The combination of casual looks through voluminous silhouettes. I absolutely love tulle and underwear details.

Q. What type of accessories typically catch your eye first?

Always bags, shoes and a good coat. If we are talking about something more detailed, then definitely necklaces.

Q. What is your ultimate fashion advice?

You can't go wrong with all-black outfits. they always look classy.

Q. When it comes to your personal style, would you say you are "team formal" or "team casual" ?

Definitely team casual.

Q. What is your motto when it comes to fashion ?

Another day, another outfit!

Q. Describe your personal signature look

Preferably all black. In the summer, a beautiful flowing dress. If the dress is long, then to the ankle is my preferred length since I am petite. Then I like to add 2-3 necklaces to create a layered effect. Jewellery for me, is a must. Lastly, I just love finishing off an outfit with sneakers. In autumn or winter tight black jeans or leather pants are my go-to choice. I gravitate towards leather skirts with a nice light knit sweater too. I would say I prefer a tight fitted outfit, to show off my curves. And of course, I love beautiful and glamorous statement coats, jackets, bags and shoes.

Q. Please name your top three fashion brands of all time

There are many brands that I like a lot. For example, I love Balenciaga, for both their sneakers and their boots. Overall, I don’t tend to lean towards the big brands that much and prefer to support smaller, independent brands.


Flieder Cover: Amina Mosley @minasphotogaphs

Genug Cover: Chris Haimerl @bychrishaimerl

We'd like to ask a couple questions about your new singles - Flieder and Genug.

Q. What can you tell us about Flieder?

My single Flieder came out this summer and the video has recently been released! The song is about my ex-friends. But I changed the video concept to create a story about female diversity. It was a passion project and well worth the wait! We created the video with a strong cast and production team of women. It is really important to me to use my platform to promote diversity and visibility.

Photos: Anna Krenkel @anna_krenkel

Photo, left: Hussein Hayek @grain.030 | Photo, right: Anna Krenkel @anna_krenkel

My next single Genug was released August 5th. This single is quite a different mood to Flieder and I have loved creating two contrasting works simultaneously. You could say these new releases are a reflection of two different sides of myself.

Photos: Elisabeth Gatterburg @elisabethggatterburg

Q. If you could collaborate with any artist in the world, who would it be?

My wish list is long. There are a few German artists I'd like to work with but if I look at the international market, then it would definitely be with one of the Justins! Bieber or Timberlake.

Bahar Kizil - GENUG

Released 27th July 2021

Bahar Kizil - GENUG

Released 5th August 2021

For music updates & fashion inspiration, you can follow Bahar on Instagram.

Thanks for reading!


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