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Inside BXR City's Interiors by Bergman Design House

High above the cityline, lives London's sleekest gym - BXR City. Interiors designed by Bergman Design House, it's hard to imagine how they could have conceived and installed a space all the way up on the 25th floor of 22 Bishopsgate. But of course the sky high location was part of the appeal of this project and to work out with a panoramic city view is any gym goers dream. There's none of that windowless basement vibe here, the whole gym is full of natural light and the lighting has been designed so that it never obstructs the views. Unless you're in the VERSA room but then that's like a nightclub - it's supposed to be dark.

You've got to work out at BXR City to really understand it. The class menu ranges from Versa Climber to Yoga, Pilates, Barre and Strength and conditioning. I had the pleasure (and pain!) of attending a Versaclimbing class taught by BXR's very one Managing Director Alex Nicholl. The Versaclimber is designed for a high intensity workout with low impact - think cardio that's kinder on the body than the treadmill or spinning bike. The Versa Climber mimics the natural motion of climbing and angled at 75 degrees, you use your arms and legs to climb the rail with the handles and pedals. If you are looking for a new, fun way and burn the most calories, this is it.

To find out more about BXR’s design, I met Marie Soliman of Bergman Design House and asked what inspired her and the team. Firstly, Marie explains that it was important to maximise light in the space. Floor to ceiling windows bring the light in and open onto views of the city as far as the eye can see. At night, the idea was the same - the twinkling of the city skyline would bring light and warmth to the space together with the warm diffused lighting inside the gym.

Marie loves a cosy snug. Why? Because she believes it was important to create some spaces for relaxation in the gym whether you're waiting for a class or drinking a smoothie after. For this, the Bergman Interiors design team used a mix of dark woods to create 'cocoon like spaces'. The reception area is a perfect example of this - since it benefits from natural light coming through from the main gym floor, it allowed them to use a palette with a dark and cosy feel. As a self-confessed maximalist, Marie has achieved a space which feels at once bold and modern but also feminine and relaxing. It is not an easy balance to strike but perhaps it's because behind Bergman Design House there is a duo, Marie and her husband Albin Berlund.

The powerhouse design duo have also designed BXR Marylebone which features a stunningly spacious women's wellbeing area which I cannot wait to use after my next class. Further afield lies BXR Doha which again has the Bergman stamp on it. Beyond the commercial realm, the design house take on prestigious residential projects with the same tenacity, ambition and fine eye for detail present throughout their practice.

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