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Azzurra Limetta Bobble Ring

Azzurra Limetta Bobble Ring


Beautiful azure blue bobble ring with lime green detail. This ring is handcrafted out of glass by our resident glassmaker Scarlet. It is extremely smooth and comfortable to wear and will fit all sizes.


Ring Dimensions - 5mm wide, 4mm deep 


Our rings are made to measure to your ring size. Please find below the ring size chart from K (16mm) to Z (22mm). For best fit, measure your index finger. 


Alternatively, if you do not know your ring size, select XS / S / M / L / XL




Measure your ring size

For maximum comfort, we recommend measuring your index finger. 

1. Measure your index finger in millimetres (to the nearest 0.5mm) using a piece of string or a ring sizer. (The ring sizer plastic gauge can be ordered inexpensively online)  The sizer should be fit snuggly whilst still being able to riggle it over your knuckle. 

2. If you are measuring your finger in letters, find the closest corresponding measurement in mm on the size chart. 

3. Select your size in mm and add to cart. Your ring will be made to order!


Note if you do not have a ring sizer, or you do not know your size, please select XS | S | M | L | XL at checkout. 


Ring Chart


Finger Diameter & Letter


16mm | K

16.5mm | L

17mm | M 1/2

17.5mm | O

18mm | P

18.5mm | Q 1/2

19mm | R 1/2

20mm | U

21mm | W 1/2

22mm | Z


if you do not know your ring size, select a Standard Size.


XS (extra-small) - 16mm diameter | K

S (small)  - 17mm diameter | M 1/2 

M (medium) - 18mm diameter | P

L (large) - 19mm Diameter | R 1/2

XL - 20mm Diameter | U


We have many more ring colours to choose from and you can also choose custom colours.

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