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Zingy Mackerel Paté

This is my favourite lunchtime snack when for eating al fresco in the summertime. It's my mother's gorgeous recipe and uses only a few simple ingredients. It's a great way to get some vital omega 3s in you, without having to do any cooking!



  • 25g softened butter (take it out of the fridge 30mins before)

  • 1/2 lemon

  • 2/3 smoked mackerel fillets

  • pepper

  • parsley


  1. Take the mackerel off the skin and shred the flesh into pieces, removing any bones as you go.

  2. Work in the softened butter using a fork until a past is formed.

  3. Squeeze half a lemon and pour the juice over the mackerel paté.

  4. Chop up some parsley finely and fold it into the paté.

  5. Crack some pepper over the top and it's ready.

  6. Toast some fresh bread, you can try my recipe here, and spread it over your warm slice.


J’essaye demain! 🍋


Highly recommended. I love it!

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