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Tiger In The Smoke • A Cocktail from The Exotic Laowai Speakeasy

Why Tiger in the Smoke? Well think back to the Shaolin age in China and the roots of Kung Fu. The only nun of the legendary Five Elders of Shaolin. Ng Mui – survived the destruction of the Shaolin temple, took revenge on her traitorous former master, and founded multiple styles of Kung Fu. By imitating movements found in nature between hunter and prey, her Dragon and White Crane styles rely on counters and slower movements, providing defensive styles for the vulnerable.

From this inspirational history so many moons ago comes the cocktail Tiger in the Smoke by the newest, most secret bar in Vancouver's Chinatown - Laowai, meaning 'foreigner' in Mandarin. Explore the recipe below and let yourself be seduced by the drama of this piece of Chinese history.

Photo: Laowai Bar, Vancouver

Tiger in the smoke



Serves 4

• 1 Bottle of Pinot Noir (We use Tinhorn Creek from B.C.)

• 1g Tarragon (dragon herb)

• 2g Sliced Thai Chili (remove most of the seeds).

• 750 ml strawberry juice

• 350 ml Mangosteen juice

• 300 ml water

• 50 g white sugar


• Infuse Tarragon and Thai chilli into Pinot Noir and let sit for 24 hours

• Place all other ingredients into a blender on high for 5 minutes

• Separate the blended juice into 100g portions and freeze

• Strain the Pinot noir

• Take 100g portion of ice and crush, placing into a glass

• Pour infused pinot Noir over the top

Laowai from the inside

The Laowai Speakeasy hotspot has just popped up in Chinatown, Vancouver. Inspired by the false storefronts and secret passwords of speakeasies in Shanghai and Hong Kong’s cocktail scene, Laowai is the newest speakeasy to grace Vancouver’s booming cocktail bar scene and we’ll spill the tea.. it’s through a secret door in the new restaurant, BLND TGER. Marie Soliman and Albin Berglund are the unstoppable couple behind Bergman Design House. This husband and wife duo have totally transformed the space into a dark & decadent where no secrets will escape the velvet walls of this contemporary asian speakeasy. It speaks of the place - Vancouver's Chinatown and the menu reflects the location with their Chinese New Year themed cocktails to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. Take us there already!

Photos: Laowai, Vancouver


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