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The Lemon Press Cocktail

Phoebe Boddy is a young vibrant artist with a penchant for colour and all things food. She combines her love of food, flavour and colours to create colourful artworks that look good enough to eat. This cocktail follows the idea that art can inspire food and so from her lemony print was born the Lemon Press. Made using a french press or cafetière, the flavours of fresh ginger and lemon juice are left to infuse into the other ingredients before being pressed and poured. A medicinal cocktail for the colder months, one might say. Try it, you might just feel better the next day!

The Lemon Press


Gin Liqueur: 50ml

White Wine: 150ml

Orange Juice: 200ml

Lemon Juice: 1/2 lemon, squeezed

Simple Syrup or Cordial: 25ml

Fresh Ginger: Thumb size amount, grated

Fizzy Water: 200ml

Lemon Peel (peel the edge of the cut lemon rind using a potato peeler)

Ice cubes

Champagne Flutes

French Press / Cafetière



Put grated ginger, lemon juice, wine, gin and orange juice in the french press. (don't add the fizzy water at this stage)

Stir and let infuse for 10 minutes.

Press the plunger down in the french press till the plunger reaches the bottom and the liquid has been passed through.


Pour the cocktails into champagne flutes until half full and top up with fizzy water. Add an ice cube if required. Garnish the rim of the flutes with a twist of fresh lemon peel et voila!


If you would like to see Phoebe Boddy's art, you can visit her website or follow her on instagram @phoebeboddyartist.


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