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The Greek Mojito | Alex Hotel, Piraeus

Let me set the scene. A stunning rooftop bar, on the top of a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. There sits the Alex Hotel and it's home to the Nest, a restaurant and bar in a tranquil spot in Piraeus with stunning views over the marina of Microlimano.

Just moments from the centre of Athens and you could be by the sea, sipping on a Greek mojito admiring the view as the team at The Alex hotel prepare you a fresh round of cocktails. This recipe is a twist on the Mexican mojito, with Tsipouro a traditional greek spirit in place of white rum. So when in Greece, let's do as the greeks do and what better way to do it than at The Alex?


by NEST at Alex Hotel Santikos Collection in Piraeus, Greece


Dark Cave-aged Tsipouro : 30 ml

(greek distilled spirit pomace brandy)

Lime: Juice of 1 whole lime + a lime segment for garnish

Monin lavender syrup: 15 ml

Soda water (or home-carbonated water)

Fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice


Cocktail shaker (with fine strainer)

Chilled cocktail glass



Add the lime juice, lavender syrup, greek tsipouro and crushed ice to a cocktail shaker.


Give the ingredients a good shake. If you want to infuse the fresh mint, crush it and add it in and shake further.


Pour the cocktail ingredients into a tall, chilled cocktail glass. Top up with soda water. Add a lime wedge and some fresh mint leaves to garnish. Decorate the glass with fresh mint leaves & a lime wedge.

Enjoy by the Aegean Sea or anywhere else that takes your fancy!

NEST | restaurant & Rooftop bar

Video by @Jennysongschmidt


Discover The Alex | Santikos Collection

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