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New Music | Bahar Kizil ‘Flieder’

By Karina Kurani, Music Contributor

About Bahar Kizil's New single 'Flieder'

German songstress Bahar Kizil is back with a soft melodic ballad. “Flieder” is a lyrical song which essential reminisces about the memories of a past love. Once again, Bahar demonstrates her vocals. Miss Kizil knows how to be creative and surprise her fans, while giving them her signature velvet voice. This single, is definitely “ her song“ by tone, arrangement and mood.

The cover for the single totally matches the vibe of the song. Clean and simple, Bahar goes back to basics. Shot in a rural part of Germany, the photos couldn’t be more perfect to suit the mood of the song and her current style. The pictures taken by Mina Mosley really accentuate the singer’s natural beauty.

Photo: Amina Mosley

Last but not least we simply can’t pass by Bahar’s stylish and feminine outfit. The light beige of the piece on Bahar is everything. This chic, elegant dress has many intricate details and the ruffles and wide sleeves give the outfit a bohemian vibe. The black top underneath is a smart move, giving the look a perfect contrast.

The video for this masterpiece is just around the corner. Bahar has posted a few stories from the shoot and we can already tell that something phenomenal is coming. We cannot wait to see the official video for Flieder! Luckily, fans won't have to wait much longer as the video is released next week.

Listen to Flieder by Bahar Kizil

Behind the scenes of Flieder Video Photo: Hussein Hayek


We will be interviewing Bahar soon for an exciting article. Together, we will discuss her style, Flieder's video, her next single and what it's like to be a solo female artist in charge of your own promo & production.

For more music updates, follow Bahar on Instagram.


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