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Kuda Cocktails • A taste of the Caribbean

KUDA Cocktails was founded by Trinidadian Deirdre and her two daughters Alexandra and Antonia in London. This new brand of Rum Punch cocktails is inspired by the family's time spent in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, where many of Deirdre's rum punches were enjoyed on the beach beneath the palm trees or aboard Kuda - their boat.

After years of enjoying their rum punch with family and friends in their home in the Caribbean and requests from many to sell it, this ambitious trio of women launched KUDA Cocktails this year and they are delighted to announce that you can now order it for yourself! If their friends love it, they've got to be onto something here and we can see why. From the story of happy, rum-soaked holidays on the island, the love that goes into their family recipe and the authentic feel of the branding, this is a unique tipple with a taste you won't find anywhere else (apart from maybe in Trinidad)!

Natural and freshly made with the highest quality ingredients, KUDA's family recipe of Rum punch is citrusy, punchy and perfectly rounded with a hint of sweetness.

KUDA Cocktails offers a proper punch. The secret, age-old recipe developed by Deirdre delivers that longed-for holiday feeling that can be enjoyed all year round. KUDA makes the perfect pre-dinner tipple, drinks party offering or dinner party present and provides a simple solution to large cocktail orders at a busy event.

KUDA’s 'Rum Punch' and 'Spicy Punch' combines cold pressed lime juice, organic nutmeg and aromatic bitters, offering their customers a fresh, light, perfectly balanced and vegan friendly cocktail, made from natural ingredients.

A 700ml KUDA bottle serves 6 people and a 200ml KUDA bottle serves 2. It lasts 3 months unopened and is designed to be sipped on the rocks whilst sharing with friends. Drink within 10 days once opened.

Mini 200ml bottle £9.50

Large 700ml bottle£25

Family Holidays in Trinidad



- A bottle of KUDA Rum Punch

- Ice cubes

- Tumblers



1. Shake the cocktail in the bottle and pour into the tumblers, leaving space for ice. One Large bottle serves 6 people. Alternatively, pour for two and keep it in the fridge for up to 10 days.

2. Add ice cubes to your liking.


Serve the cocktails let your inner sun shine through and enjoy with friends.



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