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Introducing ELLE NAGE

ELLE NAGE is a small sustainable swimwear start-up with a big ambition to turn the tides of our consumer culture ~ one swimsuit at a time ~ towards a more sustainable future. It was a real labour of love for its founder, Tara Strachan, during lockdown and something that she had dreamed about bringing to life for some years now. The brand came about to fill a gap in the market for a generation of women looking for a stylish, yet responsible approach to swimwear at more affordable prices than other brands on the market.

ELLE NAGE luxury swimwear is created from regenerated plastic waste collected from the ocean, and made in Bali using responsible and ethical practices. More importantly, it is designed to last; so you can show off your swimwear year, after year (after year).

the collection

The debut collection REVIVRE (‘to live again’) is a celebration of new beginnings. Through it, allow yourself to be reborn: reborn after a year of hibernation and reborn with a fresh perspective of what is important ~ now more than ever. You will come alive again in the pieces that are, themselves, reborn from waste and injected with new life.

Revivre is a collection of vibrant colours and bold prints, which are fundamental to the ELLE NAGE aesthetic. Tara wants her pieces to brighten the day of the women wearing them. Because, let’s face it, after the past year, everyone deserves to feel uplifted.

The collection consists of two swimsuits and two bikinis, priced at £90 each, and there are currently Early-Bird discounts and other exciting rewards on their Crowdfunding campaign. All the pieces in the collection are reversible, giving you two looks in one, and they come with eco-friendly labelling and packaging.


Always the loudest in the room, Ada is a classic piece with an unexpected twist. Her happy concoction of colour exudes vibrance and passion, and her asymmetry is unpredictable. Her double-lined fabric will support you in all the right areas, and her contoured shape will celebrate your curves. Her reversible interior is the opposite colourway, offering a prettier look with the majority in pink. Conformist from the front, yet flirtatious from the back, Ada plays with your senses and is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


One classy lady, Amelie oozes understated chic and timelessness. Her classic 90’s square neck and bold monochrome print is fit for any occasion, whether at the beach, the pool, or paired with shorts for roaming the city streets. Her adjustable straps are a great choice for longer body shapes, and her double-lined fabric and contoured fit will support you in all the right places. Her reversible interior is the opposite colourway, offering a fresh summery look.

The Ayla

Quietly confident, Ayla is the dependable friend you’ll want to keep by your side; she’s consistently cool, calm and collected. With 2-ways-to-wear, she will get you through any situation. Her triangle shape is a good choice for both small and big busts as the gathered fit provides room for give. Her gingham is a reliable, timeless choice and embodies the essence of summer, while her reversible mango interior looks great against both tanned and paler skin.


Andie is sporty and boyish with a feminine twist. With many tricks up her sleeve, she can be whatever you want her to be; an animal print, a timeless spot, tied in a knot for boyish charm, or a bow for a prettier look. She is a good choice for all bust sizes, as her crop top shape and double-lined fabric provide good support for bigger busts. Her solid cream reversible interior offers a cleaner, more minimal aesthetic.




5 Things you need to know about Elle Nage FROM FOUNDER TARA STRACHAN

Regenerated fabrics

Our pieces start their journey as discarded fishing nets collected from the ocean, where they end up being enjoyed, once again, in all their regenerated glory. Our pieces do good to the ocean. Twice.


ELLE NAGE swimsuits are designed to be enjoyed twice as much as since each piece is double sided. The prints are reversible so the customer has the choice of which side to wear the swimsuit to suit their outfit or mood.


Our products are designed to last. Never cutting corners or compromising on quality, we use the highest quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. We are headstrong perfectionists, so you can rest assured that your swimwear is designed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Female Empowerment

The name ELLE NAGE (meaning ‘she swims’ in French) is indicative of the over-riding inspiration for our brand: our women. We celebrate all female bodies, and aim to represent relatable reality through raw, stripped-back beauty. We believe that every woman should feel amazing in swimwear. End of.

We want to form a community of empowered women who we will listen to and learn from, and these women will pave the way for what we do.

People and Planet ARE at the heart of everything we do

Our swimwear is a gift to you and the planet. It is made ethically in Bali, ensuring safe working conditions and fair pay. Our supplier donates $0.10 USD per bikini to charities that help to educate marginalised Indonesian women and clean up the oceans. We are sustainably committed, with low production volumes and planet-friendly labelling and packaging.



It is very easy for brands to pitch that they are sustainable without actually understanding what true sustainability entails. The UN defines sustainability as needing to encompass the three strands of local communities, local economies and environmentally friendly practises. Not only does ELLE NAGE care about sustainability in terms of product, but also ethically in terms of supporting local communities, charities and our supplier’s workers. This is something that they are striving for at every step of their process.

As a demonstration of their commitment to the environment, and as something that sets this brand apart from the rest, every ELLE NAGE order comes with a free ‘Repair Kit’ created from the authentic off-cuts of the fabrics. So that if your swimwear ever gets damaged, you can use your patch to repair it yourself. Now, your swimwear that is designed to last, lasts even longer.

To pre-order your slow fashion swimwear and support the campaign,

visit the ELLE NAGE website.

About Tara Strachan

Following a successful 7 year career in fashion, Tara recently founded swimwear brand ELLE NAGE. Tara has combined her passion and industry knowledge to create a swimwear brand that keeps its impact on the planet at the core of its production.


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