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Sustainability at Home • Your Product Guide 2022

This is my sustainability guide to build a more eco friendly home this new year. I recommend my favourite products, brands and tips for the home to up your sustainability game in 2022. All the products below are free of harmful chemicals, plastic-free (almost!) and of course, environmentally friendly.





our sustainability HeroES

Leo's Box

Leo's Box is one of my favourite small eco-friendly businesses. Founded by 16 year old Lysander in London, his mission is clear - to bring eco-friendly products at unbeatable prices to the home and enable customers to do their bit for the planet. And he's got the B-Corp accreditation to prove it. Now that Flora Beverley has joined Lysander at Leo's Box, this clever duo will be an unstoppable pair of eco warriors bringing customers the best eco products - trialled and tested by the founders themselves!

How does it work?

Sign up as a member and pay a nominal fee of £4/month. This allows you access to all the members products so you can shop online whenever you need to. The delivery fees are very low and you might even have the pleasure of meeting Leo when he hand-delivers orders. Or if you prefer to make a

one-off purchase, take a look at their range of beautiful boxes which make perfect gifts.


We have selected our top eco-products for the home from some of our favourite brands and suppliers.

• See our promotions for offers with these brands

Continue reading and have a browse if you'd like to find out what amazing products you could add to your household as we encourage you to ditch the plastic and leave un-environmentally friendly products behind!

Kitchen Essentials

Here is our pick of our favourite products from our hero brands to keep your kitchen sparkling clean without costing the earth.

1. homethings dishwasher tablets, Leo's Box

Plant-based vegan and cruelty free dishwasher tablets.

2. Eco Coco Nut Scourer, Leo's Box

Multi-purpose scourers made of antibacterial coconut fibre. These are very long lasting, biodegradable and totally plastic free!

3. Seep Sponges, Leo's Box

These eco sponges are compostable and plastic free. Made from cellulose and loofah fibres - all natural & renewable materials.

4. Seep Bin Liners, Leo's Box

Compostable bin liners made from a plant-based material.

Made in 3 different sizes.

5. All-Purpose Kitchen Spray, Bower Collective

Multi-use sanitising spray which I use for the kitchen surfaces.

It has a light citrus fragrance.

6. Kitchen Roll, Naked Sprout

Made of bamboo, unbleached & plastic free packaging.

Free carbon neutral delivery.

7. Dishwasher Liquid, Source Bulk Food

A kitchen essential which is easy to refill from the bulk store.

Store it in a glass bottle with pump.

8. Coconut Fibre Scourer, Leo's Box

A long-lasting all natural & biodegradable coconut fibre scour

which is tough on grime but gentle on your pans surfaces.


BEAUTY Essentials

1. Upcircle night cream, Leo's Box

Perfect for all skin types, ingredients are

hydrating and non-comedogenic - I've checked.

2. PURIFying oil cleanser, Sukin

Charcoal based cleanser with pore cleansing properties.

3. Zero waste path shaMpoo BaR, Leo's Box

My favourite is the lavender scented bar which I use for the body

rather than as a shampoo.

It smells amazing and has a great lather to it!

4. Fill Hair Shampoo & Conditioner, Leo's Box

Both the shampoo and conditioner come in glass bottles with a handy pump.

They are sulphate free and scented with Palmarosa.



1. Toilet Cleaner & reusable Bottle, Bower Collective

The product can be poured into these handy, squeezy 1L bottles

with a squirty nozzle for easy cleaning.

2. Glass Spray Bottle, Leo's box

A plastic free, long lasting way to refill bathroom and kitchen sprays.

Easy spray nozzle.

3. Bathroom Cleaning Spray, Bower Collective

4. Faith In Nature Lavender Hand Soap,

This gorgeous smelling hand soap can be refilled at Source Bulk foods.

I store hand soaps in refillable glass bottles with pumps.

When I refill, I often take a 1L bottle with me to fill all my dispensers at home.



1. Lavender Laundry Liquid & Fabric Conditioner, Bower Collective

These lightly scented laundry products provide 25 washes per litre.

2. Bio-D Bleach Powder, Bower Collective

This bleaching powder works brilliantly on whites to remove stains without the need for bleach. The powder does come in a plastic pouch as it is oxygen activated and needs to be protected however this plastic packaging is something that Bio-D are working to move away from.

That's the round-up.

In this article, we've covered:

Kitchen • dishwasher, washing up, rubbish disposal, surfaces & kitchen towels

Beauty • cleanser, moisturiser, hair/body soap, shampoo & conditioner

Bathroom • Hand soap, toilet cleaner, glass spray bottles, bathroom cleaner

Laundry • Laundry liquid & conditioner, bleach powder

If you have more products you would like to recommend, please let us know! In the meantime, please have a look around your home, pull out all your products and have a brainstorm. What do you use, what don't you need and can you replace any products with more eco-friendly ones? You can contribute to a healthier planet by becoming consumers of brands whose priorities are to do good for the planet!


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