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Cocktail Fridays - Smoked Negroni

The Smoked Negroni is a signature cocktail created by barman and mixologist Vincenzo Sulmona. Served at the Hilton Lake Como, the presentation of the cocktail mirrors the drama of the spectacular scenery surrounding the hotel. For any amateur cocktail maker, you can recreate the smoked effect by simply lighting some dried fresh thyme and covering the cocktail with a glass jar!

Smoked Negroni

by Vincenzo Sulmona, resident mixologist at Hilton Lake Como


Vermouth Rosso: 3cl Campari bitter: 3cl Gin: 3cl

'Old fashioned' glass

Orange peel - 1 fresh orange, strip the peel like a coil using a potato peeler

Dried fresh thyme (dry fresh thyme in a warm oven at 80-100C for 1-2 hours)




Measure and pour all the ingredients into an 'old fashioned' glass filled with ice.


Stir the cocktail for 15 seconds until it’s well chilled.


Garnish with a strip of orange peel.


Burn the slightly dried thyme and cover with a glass bell or jar.

You can use any glass container that is large enough to cover the glass. For the perfect Lake Como experience, we suggest you infuse the thyme into the gin for at least 36/48 hours.

You can now enjoy this cocktail on the panoramic rooftop at Hilton Lake Como. A former silk factory, the hotel opened its doors in 2018 and boasts spectacular modern interiors with views over the lake, a rooftop pool, a spa and numerous activities to enjoy the scenery.

From £142/night for double occupancy | Visit the website


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