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Pentire Gin & Tonic, The Cornish Way

Pentire are a bright young company producing their very own Cornish no-alcohol spirits. Packed full of Cornish botanicals such as rock samphire, sage, the Pentire blend of herbs (top secret!) & Cornish sea salt, the plants used are native to the North Cornwall coastline. Pentire Adrift is a beautiful alternative to gin and marries perfectly with Fever Tree tonic. Whilst the Adrift is more fresh, herbaceous and coastal, the Seaward is bright, zesty and verdant.

So if you're contemplating a switch to low/no-alcohol or you're feeling an October detox, why not try our cocktail recipe with Pentire spirit & tonic. Your body & mind will thank you for it!


Shake up your Friday night drinks routine and reach for Pentire instead of Gin. Packed full of fresh Cornish botanicals and made with care in Cornwall, right here in England, we recommend serving up a Pentire & Tonic or two. A fresh Autumn serve to while away those cosy evenings at home with friends.


Pentire Adrift: 50ml

Fever Tree Tonic: 150ml

Ice Cubes

Fresh Sage, Rosemary or Bay



Pour 50ml of Pentire Adrift into a tall glass.

Top up with 150ml of Fever Tree tonic water.

Add a few ice cubes.


Garnish with your favourite herb - Safe, Rosemary or Bay. Try to use what's growing on your window sill or in your garden.

Serve and watch the sunset, preferably by the sea.

Note to self: plan a trip to Cornwall... in the meantime drink Pentire.

If you would like to find out more or have a taste, Pentire are offering new palates Taster packs of Adrift & Seaward spirit with Fever Tree tonics for new palates.


Rock samphire picking


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