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Satisfactory by Claudia Wang AW22 • London Fashion Week

Colour is on the agenda for Claudia Wang and her Autumn Winter 2022 Collection. Bright, bold colours and prints are a feature of Claudia's work so it's no surprise upon entering her digital presentation's space at the Hop Exchange that an immersive experience full of colour awaits.

A virtual reality screening is on display where digital models walk through a landscape of tropical palms wearing the new collection. Moving through the colourful mesh of fabrics reveals some pieces from the collection which the designer explains are primarily born from digital printing. The graphic designs, patterns and illustrations which appear to be juxtaposed, are inspired by Taiwanese regional folklore. Also present in the design are fictional creatures inspired by Chinese mythology which weave their way through the collection to give it a sense of fantasy.

Photos by Jamie Spillett @jamiespillett

Among the crowd, fashionable people are seen wearing pieces from Claudia Wang's new collection.

It is clear this collection is for the fun and young fashion conscious person who loves graphic prints and modern shapes. Norwegian influencer Marthe Jenset, left, wears a Claudia Wang bomber style jacket and turns to reveal a delicate, feminine crossover design in the back, a feature that feels almost kimono-esque.

Modern meets the historical in a collection that will delight and inspire you with its unique vision of fashion. One thing is certain, you will get noticed in Claudia Wang's collection.

Photos by Jamie Spillett @jamiespillett

Follow the designer @claudia.wang_official and visit the website to find out more.

Thanks to Claudia Wang and Dyelog PR for inviting Brush Mag.


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