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Brand Spotlight · Cefér

Cefér is a cool brand from Argentina bringing you colourful and edgy handbags. It was founded by y a trio of female Argentine designers Delfina Soria, María Eugenia Casagrande and Eugenia Ferrero in Buenos Aires. The brand loves to play with materials such as leather, raffia and cotton to make their handbags.

The brand launched in 2018 and its popularity has grown from strength to strength since 2020. When it comes to design, the three founders bring their own views their influences come from the relationship between society and the fashion world. Their ethos is based on a collaborative process between themselves and their customers. The result is a brand that loves to create diverse designs in a vibrant variety of texture, materials and colours.

Hi, it's so lovely to meet you. First off, please could you tell me about you as the designers behind Cefér?

The three of us studied Fashion Design in different universities here in Buenos Aires and we have been working in the fashion industry since we were 21 years old. During those years, we worked in different areas within fashion brands in the design team, production and wholesale. You learn a bit from all areas when working in small brands which is what happened for the three of us. We all share experience and passion in doing one of a kind pieces, handmade products and offering an excellent customer experience.

The three of us are involved in every aspect of the creative process. This is what the core of Cefér is. When we design, we bring our own inspiration, experience and passion to the table. Then we start designing our products choosing colours, materials and patterns.

We divide the roles within the brand. Eugenia is in charge of wholesale and customer service. We love to have a close bond with our customers so we feel that this is a huge part of Cefér. Eugenia is responsible for the administrative work and social media and then Delfina is in charge of production and international communications & strategy.

Who is the Cefér customer? Tell us why they love to wear your brand!

We design for strong, free people who want to have fun with their clothes and don’t take themselves too seriously. Citizens of the world who appreciate art and being unique. We love to see our customers wear the brand in their everyday life, whatever their lives are. We encourage you to take one of our party bags and take it shopping with you!

What is it like living and designing in Buenos Aires? How is the fashion scene?

Buenos Aires is a great place to live; it's a very inspiring city. The art scene is amazing. There is lots of freedom and you always find something fun to do whether you like going out or staying in. There’s a lot of new and upcoming fashion brands who are changing the scene here so it’s always inspiring to see. With that being said, it can be hard sometimes. With the economic crisis, there's a shortage of materials and factories closing, so sometimes it’s hard to grow as a brand. But you learn to always stay creative and resilient.

What is the making process and what materials do you use?

The making process consists of finding inspiration, designing the pieces, sampling (which sometimes takes a long time because we love trying new things and techniques), choosing colours and finally, production. We love to combine materials or use handmade techniques. The materials we use vary from leather and raffia to woven pieces, crochet, embroideries and different textile fabrics such as silk and velvet.

What is the inspiration behind your designs?

When we design our bags, we take inspiration from nature, art and from discovering new materials. The designs of our pieces can also evolve when we receive the samples back from our production team. We love experimenting with fabrics and materials so we play with different ideas and make a decision once we see the result of our designs.

Where can we shop your products in the UK?

You can find our products at

We ship internationally

You can also find our products at


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