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Battersea Brides to be

Mrs & Mrs take a walk along Battersea riverside and come across St.Mary's Church. A perfect place for a wedding... Just beyond the church, they spot a barge floating on the water with its leafy garden and river views. Let's get married here they thought.

Arm in arm, the simple ceremony sees them tie the knot two weeks later on the peaceful river boat with the sun shining and the Thames glistening. After the ceremony, the low tide allows them to take a walk along the beach and get closer to the water. The geese are intrigued by their presence and the girls walk timidly up to the water's edge as seagulls fly over their heads. The pebbles press into the soles of their feet and a gentle breeze brings a chill to their bare skin. It's still only spring and they long for summer.

They decide to match their jewellery for this day and wear the Brush Jewellery collection inspired by the British seaside. Perfect for a day by the river - the closest they can get to the sea in this urban landscape.

Their walk takes them to Battersea Square and they sit down for coffee at Gail's to round off a morning of nuptials. They order two cappuccinos & some cinnamon buns. Life is good.

Hattie wears a French, vintage satin sheen slip dress, a vintage silk crepe veil, a second-hand lace coat, Zara patent heeled boots. Indira wears a white Hoda London jumpsuit, a second-hand white button up shirt, black puff sleeve shirt from Collusion and black heeled sandals. Her rings are handmade in silver by Indie's mum.

Indira wears an ivory brocade blazer from H&M, ivory floral maxi dress from Ganni, gold-plated seaweed pendant earrings & necklace by Brush Jewellery and Nike Air Force 1 trainers. Hattie wears a wax plaid raincoat from Weekday, white mom jeans from Weekday, white crop top (model's own) and black slider sandals (model's own).

Hattie wears a gingham Monki midi dress and gold-plated seaweed pendant earrings and necklace by Brush Jewellery. Indira wears a ruched lilac mini dress from Zara, a vintage silk headscarf and gold-plated seaweed drop hoop earrings by Brush Jewellery.

Hattie wears a white ruched front blouse from Monki, a vintage blazer, vintage high waisted jeans and gold-plated seaweed drop hoop earrings and necklace by Brush Jewellery. Indira wears a white smocked yoke mini dress from Warehouse, black faux-leather blazer from Monki and gold plated mini hoops by Brush Jewellery.

About Hattie Jackson & Indira May

Hattie and Indira are the founders of Trash Films and Music - an independent music label and film production company. Indira is a musician herself and is working on her upcoming single whilst Hattie is focused on film and music production. At Trash, they call themselves a creative community. Every Friday they release a poem of the week which sees the artist & writer recite the poem in a short video performance. Watch this space as there is much more in the pipeline for this duo! As well as being business partners, the girls have been best friends since school and live and work together. Look out for our upcoming interview when we sit down with these two boss b*tches and talk about being creatives, directors and all-round badass women.


Hattie Jackson

Indira May


Coco Smith


Benjamin Meredith-Hardy


2b Media



Harriet Smith

Many thanks to Alyson for the shoot location


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