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Banana Pancakes with Riza honey

Banana pancakes are a childhood favourite. Perfect to use up ripe bananas, this recipe requires minimal ingredients and makes a frankly delicious low sugar breakfast or afternoon treat. Topped with greek Riza honey and chopped nuts, you'll be transported to breakfast al fresco in the Peloponnese!

This recipe has been developed for Riza Produce to showcase Riza Fir tree honey (kindly gifted)

Riza Produce have introduced their first product in a line of ethical, sustainable food products from Greece. Riza Honey is an ethically sourced fire tree honey made in the greek peloponnese. Part of a limited production, what makes this honey rare is that the bees collect the sap of fire trees rather than flowers to produce this rich, high quality honey full of beneficial ingredients.

Interestingly, the honey is called honeydew, since the bees collect the sap of fir trees rather than flowers. Not only is it low in pollen so great for allergy sufferers, but it is also rich in minerals and vitamins & oligosaccharides which help promote a healthy gut. And, Riza honey is raw, unfiltered and naturally low in sugar making it the healthiest of honeys out there!

The honey has a clean flavour that is not overpowering and it's smooth consistency means it is a great complement to sweet and savoury dishes. Perfect for drizzling over pancakes!

Thank you to the marvellous expert bee keepers and the team at Riza for making this sustainable, and nutrient-rich honey for us to savour.

If you would like to find out more or order some honey, visit or follow their journey on Instagram @riza_produce.


Serves 2 people (10 small pancakes or 4 medium ones)


  • 2 ripe bananas

  • 1 egg

  • 100g flour

  • 1-2 teaspoons of baking powder, depending on how risen you want them

  • 100g greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt

  • 100ml milk (any milk will do)

  • Handful of chopped nuts (cashews, pecans or walnuts)

  • Riza honey


Pancake batter is best cooked when it has rested so factor an extra 30 minutes / 1 hour rest time before cooking.

  1. Start off by mashing the ripe bananas in a bowl using a fork or potato masher.

  2. Whisk in one egg until combined.

  3. Weigh out the flour and add the baking powder. Add it to the banana mixture little by little using a hand whisk to avoid any lumps.

  4. Measure out the yoghurt & milk and add it gradually to the mixture until well combined.

  5. Let the pancake batter rest for 3o minutes to 1 hour in the fridge. (covered)

  6. Once the batter has rested, it's ready to cook. Heat up a shallow, frying pan with some butter or oil (sunflower, vegetable or coconut) until nice and hot. Don't let the oil smoke! Spoon the batter onto the hot pan using a ladle and reduce the heat to medium. If you want to make them quicker, then heat two frying pans side by side! You can make small ones or medium ones (one at a time in a small saucepan for mediums) Once the pancakes start to look less runny and bubbles appear, it's time to flip them over. Cook on the other side until golden & cooked through. (Approx 2 mins on each side) You can also keep them warm in a lightly heated oven until they are all cooked.

  7. Chop the nuts into pieces ready to put over the pancakes.

  8. Serve the pancakes on a plate sprinkled with chopped nuts and a good drizzling of Riza honey!


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