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Bahar Kizil 〰️ Style Inspiration

By Karina Kurani, Fashion Contributor

Bahar Kizil is a singer, vocal coach and marketing student from Germany. With a large community on Instagram, Bahar always aims to surprise and inspire her audience. As a former girlband member with over a decade in the spotlight, Bahar always looks stylish, cool and trendy. Just like her music, Bahar’s style has it all, from timeless classics to bold prints and bright colours. Let’s dive into her Instagram and take a look at her most memorable outfits.

Midnight Magic

Bahar shares this shot as a throwback and we are loving it. This little cocktail dress is perfection. The sparkling sequins give the dress a feel of “midnight magic”. This is a dress for a festive event or a girls night out.

Chic and Simple

This rich basil coloured blouse is a gem and it looks absolutely stunning on Bahar. The light and shade of the floral print creates a subtle contrast.

Black and Bold

Even though Bahar loves making fashion statements by wearing bold colours, she also knows how to wear black. If you look through Bahar’s feed you will find a thousand cool ways to rock a monochromatic black outfit for any occasion. The outfit shown in this picture is a perfect example of a comfortable yet glamorous look with the ruched sleeves.

Casual Everyday Glamour

This casual and cozy outfit is glamourised by her gorgeous blush high heels. When wearing something casual the most obvious choice is to reach for the sneakers or boots but Bahar prefers to add a touch of chic with the faux-fur high heel. Seemingly unmatchable footwear works surprisingly well in this case, and Bahar does an amazing job pulling it off.

For more fashion inspiration be sure to follow Bahar on Instagram.


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